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Lerato Nonyane - Fresh And Thirst Quenching

Molly's Food Enterprise is a proudly 100% black owned company founded in 2013 by Johannesburg-born entrepreneur Lerato Nonyane.

Nonyane's early career was in the hospitality industry. She worked as an international marketing manager for a leading hotel chain, where she was responsible for developing the Africa market for her company.

Her extensive travel throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and sub-Sahara Africa allowed Lerato to identify a niche in the market for an instant powdered soft drink.

"I broke into entrepreneurship scene in 2013 when I registered my company, Molly's Food Enterprise and went into operation in 2015. I ventured into this line of business because of my hospitality industry experience and because of a gap that I had identified in the market. I realised that there was no one manufacturing powdered soft drinks, except for large food companies. It was because of these factors that I saw potential for my company," she said.

Her vision was to produce an affordable, nutritional, powder drink with no after taste that was suitable for the entire family. Of note, the products are aspartame free.

"I have conducted my research on the soft-drink sector and am proud to announce that there is a healthy demand for my product, more especially among major distributors, supermarkets and spaza shops. I also have identified my direct competitors in this regard and I am aiming to break their stranglehold in this sector. My product possesses superior health benefits, it does not have an after-taste and it can be served either at room temperature or chilled."

Molly's powder drinks come in a form of sachets in a range of flavours including ginger and pineapple. The sachet packaging means that there is low risk of spoilage, which is cost saving and economical.

Molly's Food Enterprise's management team have extensive direct experience in the food industry. The team also shares one another's dream and are well equipped to steer Molly's Food Enterprise forward. Their goal is to supply the local domestic, Southern African countries and sub-Sahara African markets.

Lerato Nonyane
C 27 73 195 1862

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