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William Haywood - Cost-Effective, Safe And Alternative Energy Solution

William Haywood is the owner and managing director of Liquifire Organic Fuel CC, which is a manufacturing company that produces and distributes organic fuel. Liquifire Organic Fuel CC is a 110% Black owned company based in Pretoria, Silverton and has been operating successfully for over eight years.

Haywood is a sales and marketing expert, with more than 12 years' experience in the print finishing industry as marketing director of Supreme Engravers, and director of Falcon Foils and United Vanish Print. He was director of Alternative Energy Development Corporation Ltd (AEDC), a top 100 technology unlisted public
company that manufactures fuel cells as an alternative energy solution and associated products.

As an entrepreneur, he has done marketing and distribution for Summer Sun's alternative energy products, which included stoves and ethanol gel.

Liquifire Organic Fuel's product, Red Cap Gel, offers a cost-effective, safe and alternative energy solution.

The fuel utilised is bioethanol, which is derived from sugarcane waste.

The Liquifire product range gives customers peace of mind because it is environmentally friendly.

"Many South Africans prefer cooking with paraffin, even if they have access to electricity. We are simply offering a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative. We sell a lifestyle change..." said Haywood. He added that several municipalities are promoting gel-based cooking and heating to reduce the risk of fires in their communities. "Our products fulfil the provincial and local government's requirements for an alternative energy source."

The product range is ideal as an energy source for informal housing and communities in rural areas, as it meets the basic needs of cooking and heating. A no smoke, non-toxic, non-explosive, longer burning and easily renewable product is manufactured.

The range of product applications includes:
Cooking gel
Lamp oil
Energy saving kit
The liquilamps and chafer dish jelly products are very popular with restaurants and catering companies. The outdoor market is also catered for, as Red Cap Gel is ideal for this application.

Liquifire Organic Fuel has been supplying major South African retailers such as Pick n Pay and Shoprite/Checkers. "We have been supplying them for more than five years and have built up a good relationship." Liquifire have also had the opportunity to supply Home & Catering, DCL Foods and Dros for several years.

"We are however, excited to announce that we have been welcomed on board to Massmart as a preferred supplier. We are currently part of their supplier development programme, which is an initiative that seeks to help us improve our product to meet international standards."

Haywood says that the Accelerator Programme has really helped him to grow his business. He has been able to increase his volume output and to export to other countries. The capacity programme has helped him to understand export requirements.

"Being part of the incubator programme has been like a being part of a family or bigger boardroom. I have been given the opportunity to meet people, who as an entrepreneur can help you to excel."

In the future Haywood intends to expand the factory and to increase the number of staff. To expand the company's export capacity he requires more space and more warehousing facilities.

309 Derde Poort, Unit 50, Tannery Industrial Park , Silverton, Pretoria, South Africa
T: 012 804 0173

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