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Business Unusual In Joshco - Anthony Thamsaqa Ngcezula

Anthony Thamsaqa Ngcezula, the recently appointed CEO of JOSHCO, the City of Johannesburg’s social housing company, has described his first 100 days at the helm of the entity as “challenging but fulfilling”. Ngcezula took over the reins of JOSHCO on 1 March 2017 with a mandate to provide 10 000 quality, decent and affordable social housing units for the City’s low-income earners within the next three years, with the first 1 000 to be achieved by June 2018.
Although he admits the first three months of his tenure have not at been smooth sailing,
Ngcezula says JOSHCO’s achievements on his watch have exceeded his expectations. This gave him a good handle on things as he began his journey to house thousands of Johannesburg residents who earn between R3 500 and R7 500 a month. One of biggest achievements during this period was the acquisition of two buildings in Kerk Street in the Johannesburg inner city that will add 222 units to JOSCHO’s portfolio and accommodate more than 200 low-income families.
With him in the driver’s seat, JOSHCO has also:
■■ Obtained full accreditation from the Social Housing Regulatory Authority for the next five years
■■ Developed a new organisational structure aligned to the City’s new five year strategy
■■ Improved relations between itself and tenant committees at its rental projects
■■ Cultivated a culture of punctuality, attendance and accountability among employees
His hand was further strengthened with the allocation of a R152-million operating budget for the 2017-2018 financial year. “We might also pilot students’ ccommodation and retirement homes in the city during this period. My plan is to ensure that JOSHCO delivers on its mandate, improve customer service and enhance the company’s image,” says the 49-year-old Ngcezula. He has welcomed Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba’s State of the City Address in May in which he said a number of buildings in the inner city would be purchased and turned into social housing settlements. “It’s an initiative aimed at reversing the decay and dilapidation of the inner city. With the new City administration setting delivery of housing as one of its top priorities, it will be business unusual in JOSHCO. There will be no room for resting on our laurels,” says Ngcezula. 

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