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Paul Bishop – Cross-Border Trading Opportunities

Paul Bennett Bishop, Project Manager of the JCCI’s Global Business Accelerator, recently presented at the Property Point’s To The Point session on: Cross-Border Trading Opportunities that SMEs Are Missing Out On...

The session included the following:
• Understanding the dynamics of trading across borders…what works, what doesn’t!
• Explaining key growth drivers and fundamentals of crossborder trading
• Opportunities you may be missing…for SMEs who have not considered cross-border business
• Understanding the African economy trends
• Embracing different cultures, politics, policies, border compliance and local transport
• Costs and Risks associated with doing business in unfamiliar markets
• How to mitigate those costs and risks
• Practical insights to help businesses implement these tips and techniques

Paul is currently the Project Manager of the JCCI’s Global Business Accelerator. He is a master of Trade, International Business Collaboration and Foreign Direct Investment. He developed the concept of Export Marketing Groups at SAFTO which later evolved into today’s Export Councils. (DTI)

He is Author of the book - “As I Say It- So it is” which covers both the philosophy and ideology of personal success and wealth building as well as practical tools, strategies and skills required. He has presented and lectured in several parts of the world and is an accredited IMMGSM lecturer and moderator in International Marketing and Trade strategy, and The Theory of Strategic Management.

He worked for the European Commission - where he lead a number of international business initiatives which include attracting Peugeot (PSA) into South Africa, developing European markets for FMCG products and promoting investment projects in SADC for the Tourism, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Agricultural Value Chains.

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